Girl Sends Her Ex-Boyfriend Poisoned Food, But Ends Up Killing Delivery Guy’s Son

When relationships are going well, it can feel like sunshine and daisies, but romantic trysts can also lead to ugly spats. Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, for a 25-year-old woman allegedly attempted to murder her ex-boyfriend, reports The Sun. She did so by having poisoned chicken satay sent to his home address. However, her endeavor ended in tragedy for a 10-year-old.

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Nani Aprilliani Nurjaman sprinkled the meal with cyanide (an ingredient in rat poison) and arranged for a motorcycle taxi driver to deliver the meal. She asked the driver to tell her ex-boyfriend, Tomy that the food was sent by ‘Hamid’.

The 47-year-old driver, named Bandiamn was asked to deliver the package to Tomy’s home in Bantul, Yogyakarta. However, when he did so, Tomy wasn’t home, suggest reports. His new wife opened the door but refused the package as she didn’t know Hamid. Therefore, she told the delivery guy to take it home and relish it at the time of breaking his Ramadan fast.

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Unfortunately, Bandiamn did precisely this and it resulted in his wife and son vomiting right after the meal. Both mother and son were taken to hospital. Yet, while Bandiman’s wife responded well to treatment, their 10-year-old son Naba Faiz Prasetya succumbed to the effects of the poison.

The cops traced back the satay to Nurjaman and suspect that she wanted to kill Tomy because he married another woman. She remains in police custody and may face the death penalty upon conviction.

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A betrayal in love can indeed feel terrible, but murder isn’t the answer. Nurjaman’s hasty actions have taken an innocent life.

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