Man Lights Hundreds Of Candles To Propose To Girlfriend, Accidentally Burns Down His House


Imagine this – A room filled with heart-shaped balloons, a floor covered in rose petals, dim lighting with candles lit all around, and a ring on the bed. Well, this exact scenario has been my dream proposal ever since I was a kid. However, I changed my mind recently. And, no it wasn’t because this one is cheesy AF. Then what’s the reason, you ask?

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Well, recently, a man’s wedding proposal plan turned into a complete disaster as he ended up burning his house. In a romantic gesture, Albert Ndre had lit hundreds of tea-light candles and filled his room with balloons before proposing to his girlfriend. After decorating his flat in Sheffield, Albert went to fetch his girlfriend from work. However, by the time he returned home with her, his flat was enveloped in flames, reports Times Now.

The fire crew, who doused off the flames, shared images of the burnt room on social media and narrated the entire incident as a precautionary tale for others.

The fire officers explained how the unattended candles with balloons in the room led to the fire.

While the fire was dealt with quickly and no injuries were reported, the department warned people to use candles with caution. They mentioned that individuals should never leave candles unattended.

In case you are wondering, the woman said ‘yes’!

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Well, while romantic proposals are the cutest thing ever, safety always comes first. What does your perfect proposal look like? Tell us!

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