Avengers: Infinity War Is Epic And Here Are Its Best, Worst Moments. Spoilers Ahead!

Almost a decade ago, Nick Fury told us about the existence of greater threats in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few years later, a huge blue guy grinned at us to approve of Fury’s warning. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t make a single joke about Thanos and his love for that chair. However, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ shows us why he wasn’t taking things into his own hands. It’s because he knew he’d win.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ takes 10 years of careful character and world building and utilises its best components. You’ve all your favorite heroes going against some of the galaxy’s most dangerous and hideous villains. And that gave the directing duo of Anthony and Joe Russo to create some outstanding moments that range from outright hilarious to absolutely heart-breaking. So, let’s take a look at the best and worst ones that this event had to offer.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ irons out most of Marvel’s ongoing problems. However, as a small amount still made it through the cracks, let’s deal with them first, shall we?

1. Doctor Strange’s introduction.

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Marvel’s writing has been repeatedly criticised for constantly relying on jokes. While there’s a lot of that sprinkled throughout the movie, Dr. Strange’s intro is particularly jarring. We’ve just seen Thanos beat the crap out the Hulk and kill every single Asgardian. So, Strange and Wong talking about their lack of money was the most inappropriate transition and undermined the emotion of the previous scene.

2. The Black Order in Scotland.

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This happens when two of Thanos’s “children” (Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight) arrive in Scotland to take Vision’s Mind Gem. Considering how they’re a full-on couple now, Wanda obviously puts up a fight. However, the fight choreography takes a huge nose-dive. You don’t know who’s where and the night-time setting adds to that confusion. The editing becomes so bizarre that it totally waters down Captain “Nomad” America’s entry.

3. Proxima Midnight versus Black Widow, Okoye and Scarlet Witch.

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By the time Proxima Midnight takes on Wakanda, it’s abundantly clear that the Black Order has been watered down a bit. Because, apart from that, there’s no other explanation as to how two humans (Okoye and Black Widow) can take on a cosmic being without having their bones broken. Additionally, the fight sequence feels like a cartoon show when Scarlet Witch, who’s otherwise a human, is thrown around like a rag-doll and she walks it off like nothing happened.

4. Hulk not Hulking out in the Battle of Wakanda.

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If you remember, Thor told Hulk that he doesn’t like Banner because he keeps talking about science and how Hulk is better. And, without a shadow of a doubt, Mark Ruffalo is a great Bruce Banner. However, when there are giant space-dogs tearing apart the world, we needed a lot of Hulk. Sure, it was hilarious when Banner refused to turn the first time but it was particularly annoying when that happened again in Wakanda.

As mentioned before, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ features all of Marvel’s characters that we’ve seen throughout the years. So, here are the character interactions and clashes that shine the most.

1. Thanos obliterates the Asgardians.

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The movie opens with Asgardian dead-bodies littered around the floor, Thor lying motion-less and Loki offering the Tesseract. If you think that’s shocking, you’ll probably have a cardiac arrest after that. Because once Thanos gets the Space Gem, he kills Loki (*sobs*), stabs Heimdall, takes down the Hulk without breaking a sweat and blows the Asgardian freighter to kingdom come. Sad? Yes. Perfect introduction to Thanos? Hell yes!

2. Tony Stark suits up.

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Tony Stark suiting up has always been the highlight of any movie that he has featured in. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the man with the most awesome goatee dropped the hottest one: The Bleeding Edge Armor. Firstly, it’s made of nanites that form around Stark’s body and can be shaped into some of the dopest weapons in existence. Secondly, him using all types of blasters to take on the Black Order was the movie’s first official seeti-maar moment.

3. Thanos duping the Guardians on Knowhere.

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In this scene, the Guardians arrive in Knowhere to get the Reality Stone from The Collector before Thanos adds it to his Gauntlet. But they find out that Thanos is already there and, in a fit of fury, Gamora successfully attacks and kills him. And just when the Guardians think they’ve won, the entire place fades away to reveal that Thanos was just playing with them. While that in itself is top notch stuff, it gets better when Thanos toys with poor Peter Quill.

4. Thor lands on Earth.

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Since the beginning of ‘Ragnarok’, Thor has lost everything. So, it was necessary for him to make the best comeback there is. And he does so with such panache. After forging the Stormbreaker, Thor recreates the Bifrost and lands on Wakanda with Groot and Rocket. Considering how the heroes were being pummeled by Proxima Midnight’s minions, Thor’s thundering entry gives a lot of relief and tons of goosebumps.

5. Thanos kills Gamora for the Soul Gem.

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Thanos arrives with Gamora on Vormir to retrieve the much speculated Soul Gem. They meet up with the long lost Red Skull, who says that one needs to sacrifice a soul they love the most to get the Stone. While Gamora thinks that Thanos has lost because he doesn’t love anyone, the Titan turns teary-eyed to reveal that he truly loves her. In what might be the movie’s most haunting scene, Thanos throws her off a cliff to get the Soul Gem, while the audience dries their tears.

6. Tony Stark meets the Guardians.

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In one of the movie’s lighter moments, Tony Stark tries to make a plan with the Guardians on how to take down Thanos once he arrives on his home planet, Titan. However, all that takes a back-seat because of Tony and Peter’s ego clash and Stark realising what a huge dolt Drax is. And when the two Peters (Parker and Quill) begin conversing in 80’s pop-culture reference, it’s simply comedic gold and a much needed breather before the apocalypse.

7. Thanos versus the Avengers and the Guardians.

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Thanos arrives on Titan to extract the Time Gem from Dr. Strange and our heroes put up some fight against him. From Spider-Man’s comic-book accurate spider legs to Dr. Strange displaying his full might with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and Images of Ikonn spells. However, all that means nothing as Thanos soon takes the upper-hand due to Quill’s rage and makes a joke out of the combined powers of the Avengers and the Guardians.

8. Thanos snaps his fingers.

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We always say that these movies are predictable because the heroes always win. But after Thanos rips the Mind Stone from Vision and completes his Gauntlet, you’ll wish you would’ve never said that. And although Thor tries to kill Thanos, it doesn’t stop him from snapping his fingers. What follows is gut-wrenching and bleak as we helplessly witness everyone from Spider-Man to T’Challa turn to dust, while those who remain stare blankly in disbelief.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that Marvel has outdid itself with ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. From A-grade performances to gorgeous cinematography and a soulful script, this movie has it all in generous proportions. And while there are some flaws, since the positives outweigh the negatives by a mile, this cinematic event is bound to stand out as one of the best movies in history and a favorite among fans for generations to come.

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