Singapore Takes The Crown And India Comes In 12th In List Of Best Countries To Live In

Is it just me or does it feel like pretty much everyone around you is moving abroad these days? I’ve lost count of the number of friends who have left India following the ‘American Dream’. And it’s not just the US. I can barely contain my jealousy every time I open up Instagram and see my friends in Europe post pictures that look straight out of a Karan Johar movie.

And though some of us sing “Mera Bharat Desh Mahan” every time we bid adieu to a friend flying off to a foreign land, according to a recent survey, India only comes in 12th in the ranking for best countries to live and work in.

In fact, India has gone down two positions from 10th rank in 2017 to the 12th this year.

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As per the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Singapore ranks highest as the best place to live and work in, without breaking their 4-year-streak.

Though in 8th rank in the overall survey, Switzerland tops the list of average annual expat salary.

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It is followed by U.S., Hong Kong and China, with India coming in 7th.

The high childcare costs and the difficulty in making friends are what knocked Switzerland down to the 8th rank in the aggregated list for living and working conditions. New Zealand is the 2nd best country to live in, followed by Germany, Canada and Bahrain respectively.

One of the most gender-equal countries in the world, Sweden, topped for those prioritising a family life, scoring high for child care, education, social life and relationships.

According to HSBC:

“Almost half of all expats in Singapore moved to progress their careers. But this unique city is far more than just a financial district.

With its tropical climate and multicultural population, more than a quarter of Singapore expats may have originally been sent by their employer (27%), but almost half (47%) have stayed in this safe, well-organised city and its lush, vibrant surroundings for the great quality of life it offers them and their family.”


The survey also brings to light the blatant disparity among female and male expats. Though relocation boosted women’s income by 27%, higher than that of men, their average annual salary is still approximately ₹31.12 lakh lower than men.

The survey also shows that only a quarter of all female expats have relocated for advances in their career and that only half work full-time. They also lack in the overall level of education.

Moving abroad sounds like a really good idea now, doesn’t it?

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