Bengaluru Girl Befriends Her Boyfriend’s Ex-GF, Then Morphs Her Pics To Extort ₹1.3 Crores!

Should you remain friends with your ex? While some people think it is okay, others believe that all ties must be cut in order to move on from the broken relationship. When a Bengaluru woman who got married 11 years ago and also has an 8-year-old kid reconnected with her ex from her college days in July 2019, things didn’t go well for her.

According to Times Now News, the woman received a text from her ex and two days later, from the man’s current girlfriend, sparking a friendship between the three. When the girlfriend asked the woman to send over her pictures, she did that too. However, the girlfriend morphed the photos and began blackmailing the woman.

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Over 1.5 years, the woman transferred Rs. 1.3 crore as extortion money so that the girlfriend didn’t upload the pictures on social media. Eventually, when pressed for more money to delete the photos, the woman blocked the number. When her husband found out about the transactions, he urged his wife to contact the police. The cops are now investigating her complaint.

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Who would’ve thought that the simple action of replying to an ex would lead to such a situation?

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