Peak Bengaluru Behavior: Man Shares How Swiggy Delivery Executive Dunzo-ed His Parcel

You can never grow tired of Bengaluru. Because there is some amusing thing or the other happening in the city. While the entire country burns because of the heatwave, Bengaluru enjoys rainfall. Covered with pink flowers everywhere, it’s a city where people try to find the perfect roommates using ‘FRIENDS’ references!

And in today’s episode of peak Bengaluru behavior, a Twitter user named Omkar Joshi shared how he ordered coffee from Swiggy and the delivery guy was feeling lazy so he Dunzo-ed the parcel to him! Furthermore, he asked for a 5-star rating.

If this isn’t life in a ‘tech city’, I don’t know what is. People online were left amused too! Have a look:

Ah, Bangalore you beauty! 😛

Cover source: I, II.

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