While We Struggle With Heat, Bengaluru People Get Blessed With Rain & Hailstorm, See Visuals

Temperatures are soaring across the country but seems like people in Bengaluru have finally found respite from the heatwave and chubti, jalti garmi.

Representative Image

People from the silicon valley of India were seen flexing their pleasant weather by posting visuals of streets drenched in rain. Some people were lucky enough to be blessed with hailstorms.

While you get irritated with the Indian summer that just arrived, here are some pictures that people online shared of Bengaluru rains.


All of us right now!

Bengaluru received so heavy rainfall on Sunday that it lead to waterlogging in various parts of the city. As per reports, more showers are predicted for Bengaluru over the next three days and it’s making me jealous. Aesi nainsafi kyu, bhagwaan?

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