Bengaluru Pub Claims Service Charge Pays For Staff’s ‘Children’s Education’, Starts Debate

Recently, it was announced by the Central Consumer Protection Authority that restaurants and hotels are barred from charging service charge on bills by default. But on Wednesday, the National Restaurant Association of India announced that levying service charge at restaurants isn’t “illegal”, reported TOI.

“Through these repeated guidelines, there is an attempt to start a campaign against this practice without any legal basis. It is also relevant to state that extra charges are being levied by many other Industries, including some government agencies. However, the guidelines are issued only for the restaurant industry,” stated NRAI, according to Indian Express.

Amidst all this, Indiranagar Social, a popular a bar-cum-restaurant in Bengaluru, put up a notice on every table about ‘service charge’, a picture of which was shared on Reddit under the subreddit r/Bangalore leading to a debate. The restaurant claimed that service charge is added to people dining at the place and not on takeouts and home deliveries.

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“What is it? It is a fee charged by the restaurant over and above the price of food and drink for the additional convenience of serving the menu items to you for consumption inside the restaurant. Service charge is not charged on takeouts and home deliveries, for instance,” the notice read.

It added that service charges ensure that “all customers are treated fairly and equally” and are “equitable” for the staff. They went on to claim that it is what pays for their “children’s education”.

“It is an internationally accepted best practice to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and equally, and that all members of staff are aligned to ensure customer satisfaction. It is equitable – the cook, the cleaner, the toilet attendant, the valet, and all members of our staff not just the server, all benefit from your love. To use a cliche – this is what pays for their children’s education.”

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It also tried to make clear that the service charge isn’t a “tip” or “illegal”.

“It is not a tip. The service charge looks after our team members well and no tips are expected. However, you are welcome to tip directly to an individual member of our team, if you should so choose.”

Have a look at the notice here:

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Have a look at the post here:

Service charge "rules" in Socials Indiranagar from bangalore

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While some called the restaurant out for “guilt-tripping” customers, others expressed how such places should pay their staff better. Have a look:

Do you think service charge should be imposed like this?

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