Bengaluru Prof Tells Students To ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’ Laptop For E-Classes, Watch Video


It’s a popular joke among students that teachers will ask them to attend classes, demand assignments even when they are in a near-death situation! Especially at a crucial time like this when we are amidst a global pandemic, it is expected of teachers to be kinder and more understanding of one’s situation. Even though many institutes have begun online classes, not every student has the luxury of owning a computer or a smartphone.

I say this because a professor of an engineering college in Bengaluru told students to “beg, borrow, or steal” a laptop if they don’t have one so that they can attend online classes.

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According to TOI, the incident occurred when students of MVJ College of Engineering were attending an online class with the professor. A video of the professor’s diktat has gone viral on the internet.

“Beg, borrow, or steal. Whatever you want to do you do it. Please arrange for it…a laptop or a desktop,” the professor is heard saying.

Have a look at the video here:

The Principal of the college claimed that the institute was in the process of “sourcing a tool for online examination” and hence, they decided to ask students about the laptops/devices they currently use.


“This information was miscommunicated by the head of one of the departments. Laptops have not been made mandatory,” said the Principal.

The Chairman of the college said, “The HODs statement was completely misconstrued and blown out of proportion. He did not intend students should steal a laptop. It’s a common phrase that he used.”

This is how people online reacted to the incident:


Educational institutes should consider the fact that their students come from different social backgrounds. Many are going through financial constraints at this point. We hope that the college authorities understand this and find alternative means for students to attend classes.

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