People In Bangalore Savagely Review Potholes On Google, Call Them ‘Historical Landmarks’

Bengaluru’s potholes during monsoons are as popular as the number of tech startups in the city and the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. Hence, people of the silicon valley of India thought it would be appropriate to review them on Google Maps for others to locate them and also reap their benefits.

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Done with getting into these back-breaking potholes that are a major threat to the safety of the people, the locals came up with this idea to sarcastically take a dig at the authorities by marking the potholes as ‘historical landmarks’.

Twitter user Nimo Tai was able to spot the Google review of a pothole addressed as ‘Abizer’s Pothole’ that has been marked as a ‘historical landmark in Bangalore’.

The pothole located in Bellandur has been visited by many locals who took the pain to review it too and give it 5 stars.

“Top tier pothole, great location,” wrote one reviewer. “There’s a conveniently located physiotherapist right opposite,” wrote another.

One guy decided to give a detailed review of the pothole and wrote that it’s amazingly well designed.

“It takes you down a feet and escalates you above the Earth all in a matter of a second. It has been growing and making a bigger impact on the society as days go by. It has recently been multiplied by two more potholes.”

Seems like the pothole is popular among many visitors. According to this guy, if you want to check the suspension of your car and your back then this is where you should be headed.

This boss move definitely tickled many funny bones. However, it also highlighted the grim situation in one of the hottest global IT destinations. This is how people online reacted to it:


What a BOMB technique to highlight the bad infrastructure in the city and hold those responsible.

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