Bengaluru Man Hides Under Bed For 6 Hours Just To Stab Wife’s Lover Once She Leaves The Room

A gruesome case of murder has recently emerged in the city of Bengaluru after an extra-marital affair.

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In Bengaluru’s Byadarahalli, a 31-year old carpenter named Bharath Kumar was arrested on the charge of murder. He has 2 children with his wife Vinutha whom he married 8 years ago.

It so happened that Vinutha’s friend Shivraj had come to visit her in search for a job 3 years ago. But recently, he professed his love for Vinutha who initially turned him down, but later agreed, India Today reports. Bharath soon came to know about the affair, and objected to it. Consequently, he decided to eliminate Shivraj for ruining his family life.

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On Wednesday, Bharath secretly entered Vinutha’s house and hid under the cot at 9 PM. Shivraj came to her place at 10:30 PM, post which they had dinner and slept. When Vinutha got up to go to the washroom at 3 AM, Bharath swiftly locked her door from outside and proceeded to stab Shivraj to death. He had been hiding under the cot for 6 hours.

One of the police officers said, “The accused has confessed to the murder and his medical test is being done.” Bharath would further be produced before the court on Friday and sent to judicial custody.

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