Bengaluru Shocker: Parking Attendant Attacks & Kills Man Over ₹10 Parking Charge

For anyone who lives in a crowded city, finding parking space for vehicles is always a hassle. Fortunately, certain areas have designated parking albeit for a charge. And while there are times that we feel that said charge is too high, it is no matter of life and death. Which is why it is shocking to hear that someone lost his life over such a petty issue.

A 38-year-old man named Bharanidaran was attacked and murdered by a cinema hall parking attendant Selvaraj with the help of his friend Shekar. The reason? A tiff over the Rs.10 parking charge.

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According to the Indian Express, the incident took place on 9 May at Lavanya theatre, Bengaluru. The victim and his cousin had arrived at the cinema hall in a two-wheeler to watch a film. When the accused asked him to pay the parking fees, he refused. Following his refusal, the two got into an altercation.

In an attempt to get back at the victim, Selvaraj and Shekar attacked him. Later, the severely injured man was taken to a hospital but was declared DOA. Bharathinagar police station officials said that,

“After investigation, we arrested Selvaraj under IPC section 302 (murder) on Friday morning.”

We hope that in the future, people resolve disputes through communication rather than indulging in violence.