Bengaluru Man Brutally Beaten Up By 20+ Uber Drivers For Demanding Seat Belts

Disclaimer: Graphic content ahead, reader’s discretion is advised.

How often do you use Uber or Ola or any other service for commuting in and around your city? The answer is regularly, right?

And, how often have you heard stories of abuse, assault, and misbehaviour on part of the drivers? Sadly, that too, regularly.

After Indian drivers being accused of stalking, sexually harassing and refusing rides, Uber drivers in Bangalore brutally beat up a Bangalore-based man at the airport.

The incident happened at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. 48-year-old Dave Banerjee, the victim, was beaten up allegedly by over 20 Uber drivers on Monday night. Reason? He asked for seat belts.

The suffered bruises and posted pictures of the same. The marks are very prominent.

When he called Uber’s emergency service, he got a reply that,

“We can’t help, call the police.”

He tweeted about the incident.

He lodged a complaint with Uber.

And got a reply,

He hit back at them saying,

While speaking to Storypick, Dave cited the incident. He mentioned the hours between 9.40 p.m. to 11.40 p.m. were horrible. After they got into an Uber which didn’t have seat belts in the rear, Mr. Banerjee asked the driver for them. He said,

“You know how it is that the cars in India don’t have seat belts in the rear and the during the cleaning they get pushed in the seat. I asked the driver to stop the car so that I could pull out the rear seat belts. After asking him to stop twice, I simply tapped him on the shoulder and said the same. Then, I got into the trunk to push the end out from between the seats. I don’t know what happened. He got angry, called fellow people while saying something in Kannada probably something on lines that I attacked him. I don’t understand the language. Two of my colleagues and I, started walking towards the Uber bay to book another Uber.

A mob of around 20-25 people were checking each car to see if I was seated in that or not. And, when they spotted us, attacked me and I was beaten by them and so was one of my colleagues. The beating continued for close to 45 minutes.


When asked if the Police, Airport security or anyone intervened or tried to help.

No one did anything. It all happened as you turn left from the arrival gate. I called Uber SOS, they said call the police. I called 100, no help came. And, people just watched. You know how people in our country simply stand and enjoy the show and click selfies whenever something happens on the road. This is a sick country we live in.

I got a call from Uber and they were apologising for the inconvenience. I told them, this was not an inconvenience, I was beaten up.

He has requested footage from airport security cams and CCTV footage in the area, and intends to upload it on social media and make everyone aware of the brutality shown by the drivers.


Uber has issued a statement. A spokesperson said,

“What’s been described has no place on our app. Safety of our riders is a priority for us at Uber. We have barred the driver-partner’s access to the Uber app. We will support the law enforcement authorities in their investigation and proceedings in any way possible.”

The fact that all of them were Uber drivers, is not yet confirmed by Police and the investigation is still on.