Someone In Bengaluru Put Up A Hilarious ‘Kidney On Sale’ Notice To Pay For Security Deposit

Nowadays, the moment they start earning, a lot of young people first rush to buy an expensive phone, typically an iPhone, or a laptop, or even a bike. However, in most cases, these aren’t the people who have to pay rent. People living in a different city, especially in an expensive one like Mumbai, Bengaluru or Pune, have to first think about the dreaded security deposit that comes with renting an apartment. This security deposit can range anywhere between Rs 80,000 to 3 lakhs, depending upon the locality and the size of the flat.

Hence, it wasn’t a surprise when someone in Bengaluru came across a notice stuck to a lamp post that read, “Left kidney on sale. Need money to fund the security deposit amount landlords are asking for.”

But just beneath it was written, “Just kidding, but I need a house in Indiranagar,” along with a QR code that leads to the person’s profile upon scanning.

This hit the guts of a lot of people online who could relate hard to this. Security deposits and rent in Bengaluru are skyrocketing, especially in areas like Indiranagar, HSR Layout and Whitefield.

This idea doesn’t seem bad, does it? I mean the attention-seeking notice, not the kidney-selling idea of course! 😛

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