Landlord Asks For LinkedIn Profile & Write-up From Tenant Looking For House In Bengaluru

Bengaluru me ek baar job mil jaegi but ghar search karna mushkil he nhi naamumkin hai.

When it comes to house hunting in the silicon valley of India, you ought to have two kidneys, a degree from one of India’s coveted colleges, and an impressive LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have these, I suggest you better not think of renting a house alone. Renting a house as a single woman is even more difficult here.

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A Twitter user name Goutham has also been toiling the streets of Bengaluru to look for a house to live in. So, he got in touch with a couple of brokers to ease the process. One of them showed him a house in Indiranagar that Goutham was interested in.

However, the owner quoted Rs 75,000 as rent for the 2500 sq ft 2 BHK flat. Despite being appalled by the shocking rent, Goutham decided to have a look at the property. But before he could see the flat, the broker informed him that the owner wants to have a look at his LinkedIn profile.

Take a look at Goutham’s conversation with the broker.

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Wait before you conclude that this is a #peakbengaluru moment. There’s another person who wanted this guy to share a small write-up on himself before he could meet him and see the house.

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Goutham was equally shaken as you guys are. So, he shared these incidences on Twitter.

I’m literally out of words here. Let’s see how people online reacted to such bizarre requirements of house owners in Bengaluru.

Aur logey mazey mausam ke? 😜

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