Bengaluru Guy Dresses Up As Food Delivery Executive, Delivers Resume In Pastry Boxes At Startups

It is a competitive world and an even more competitive job market where ek se ek candidates are lined up to bag their dream job. So when the competition is cut-throat, one ought to think of innovative ways to get themselves noticed by employers!

For example, a guy in Bengaluru named Aman Khandelwal dressed up as a food delivery executive and delivered his resume to a bunch of startups in pastry boxes.

What’s even better is that the boxes actually had some sugary goods!

“Most of the resumes end up in trash. But mine in your belly,” read a message stuck inside the box.

“Dressed as a @zomato delivery boy I delivered my resume in a box of pastry. Delivered it to a bunch of startups in Bengaluru. Is this a @peakbengaluru moment?” he tweeted.

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Don’t know about bagging a job, but his effort did win the hearts of many on social media! Here’s what some of them said:

What do you think of this idea?

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