Bengaluru Gets Its First Vertical Garden And We’re Packing Our Bags For The Garden City

Bengaluru aka the garden city of India is famous for its far from sweltering and cool climate. While the last decade came with a lot of bad news (read: foam/froth at waterbeds), Bengaluru seems to be getting back to its original glory.

Amidst the urban concrete jungle, environmentalists have come together to spread the green and lush even. Based on the pattern of doing so on concrete, Bengaluru is now home to its first, one of a kind vertical organic garden. 

A city-based organisation, Say Trees, are behind the project that saw the plantation of 3,500 saplings, that can be seen at the Hosur Road Electronics City Flyover.


According to reports, ten specially chosen species of sturdy saplings are gracing the pillars and giving it a new life.


The garden that only takes up 100 millilitres of water every day is completely organic and is designed to survive harsh weather. 


Also, the saplings will be regularly watered using the automatic drip irrigation system which is installed in the pillar.


Hopefully, this will help reduce carbon footprints and beat the heat, along with smog. 


Who wouldn’t want to drive through this?

News Source: Deccan Chronicle

All Pictures are taken from Say Trees Facebook page.