Bengaluru Company’s Ex-Employee Barges Into Office, Kills CEO & MD With A Sword

Some people are lucky to have supportive bosses who make their employees’ lives easier. They treat them with respect, guide them every step of the way, and have their backs when problems arise. However, the other not-so-lucky ones end up with bosses who suck the life out of them. These employees may feel like screaming at their bosses, or send them a hateful email. But in a civilized world, not many do that.

However, an ex-employee of a company in Bengaluru did the unimaginable. According to Financial Express, a former employee of Aironics Media Private Limited barged into the office with a sword and killed the CEO and Managing Director.

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The ex-employee, identified as Felix entered the office premises along with two other people, Vinay Reddy and Santosh, and all of them were armed with swords and knives. Felix allegedly stabbed Phanindra Subramanya (Managing Director) and Vinu Kumar (CEO) and fled. The incident happened in Pampa Extension in Amruthahalli.

“Felix and Phanindra had worked together. He had established his own company and was a rival in the business. Around 4 pm on Tuesday, Felix attacked Phanindra and Vinu Kumar and stabbed them to death with sharp objects. He escaped from the spot after the murder,” said the police.

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There were approximately 10 employees inside the office while the incident took place. The three accused threatened all of them before fleeing from the spot. They have been arrested and further investigation is underway.

What a shocking thing to have happened!

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