Bengaluru Startup Employee Chokes On Vomit While Rest Of His Team Parties, Guy Rescues Him

In big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Gurgaon, it is a common practice for office colleagues to go out for drinks after work. These popular ‘team parties’ usually happen when the weekend approaches and the office group hit a pub and drink until late at night. Some employees even drink like a fish and things go out of hand. Here’s an example.

A guy named Caleb Friesen, who is currently living in Bengaluru, took to Twitter to share how he spotted a young man at a bar from a prominent startup choking on his own vomit while the rest of his team partied.

“Reminder to the ‘work hard, party harder’ startup founders out there: no party is worth losing an employee,” he wrote.

Caleb was at the bar with his wife sitting on the upper floor when he noticed the guy convulsing (violent contraction of the muscles causing the body to jerk). He rushed down and found that the guy luckily had fallen off the couch and was breathing again.

However, the attitude of his teammates when they got to know what was happening was alarming, to say the least.

Upon learning about the incident, several people online highlighted the importance of self-control during such parties. Some even slammed this culture of office parties where some employees end up becoming a liability to the rest enjoying their night.

There is nothing wrong with grabbing a few drinks with colleagues. What is wrong is drinking irresponsibly and putting your own life in danger.

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