More Than Just Driving: Guy Shares How A Bengaluru Driver Found Purpose In His Work

There are many people in this world who work a job because it is more of a necessity than a passion. In fact, a lot of them choose stability over passion. Some may not even like what they do, but they do it anyway because the purpose behind it is strong. But to work without a purpose makes one’s life insufferable.

A guy named Sumit took to Twitter to share an incredible story of a Bengaluru cab driver and how he found purpose in his work. He calls it the most inspiring experience of his life.

This man has been working to support his family for 17 years. But looking after his family isn’t what drives him to work every day.

Here’s how he really found his purpose. One night, despite cancelling a ride request, it kept getting reassigned to him. When he arrived at the location, he found that it was a case of emergency baby delivery.

Despite having rushed to a hospital, they found that no doctors were on duty. They then travelled to another hospital and thankfully were just in time for the baby’s birth.

It was then that the driver realised that his job is much more than just driving. Instead, it is to help those in need.

This has left us tremendously inspired! We hope the man continues to help many more. 🙂

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