Bengaluru Cop Averts Accidents By Covering Up An Open Manhole & Twitter Is All Praise

If you ever need convincing that honest, brave and dedicated police officers exist in the country, you only have to open Twitter. There are countless instances of law enforcement officials working for society’s betterment in addition to their regular duties. A Noida cop, for example, braved a burning house to retrieve two LPG gas cylinders that might have exploded otherwise. A traffic constable in Assam didn’t shun his post even amidst heavy rains, while another one from Mumbai saved a street dog from flood water.

According to The Times of India, a 32-year-old Bengaluru cop from HSR Layout station named Girish M noticed an open manhole while driving around the neighbourhood. Sensing that it was a hazard for passersby (especially small children), he quickly covered it up using a large stone.

He was quoted saying,

“People should be aware of such hazards. I think we should not wait for civil agencies, but volunteer and tackle issues ourselves. Recently, a constable’s minor daughter died of burn injuries. I read the news and was deeply moved. Since then, I have been attending to all such issues.”

Isha Pant, Deputy Commissioner of Police, lauded his efforts saying,

“Girish saw the manhole and acted quickly. We shouldn’t wait for anyone. Girish acted like a responsible citizen.”

His keen presence of mind was applauded by everyone because his act will prevent accidents from happening in the future.

We hope that all of us can learn from his example and step up for the community instead of indulging in blame games that help no one.

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