Speeding Bengaluru Bike Collides Into Passerby, Child Miraculously Survives On Riderless Bike

The one thing that really annoys me the most on Indian roads is when an entire family squeezed onto a bike shows up. I get it, not everyone has the luxury to afford a car. But that doesn’t mean you take such an immense gamble with the lives of your family. Not to mention others on the road. Use public transport for God’s sake.

And what’s even worse is when their disregard for road safety extends to riding like there’s no tomorrow. And the children almost never have helmets.

Bengaluru witnessed a near-disastrous accident when a family of 3 rammed into another bike while trying to overtake it.

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In the incident which was captured by someone in a passing car, the bike can be seen to be travelling at a dangerous speed trying to overtake another bike.

Upon collision, the man and wife are thrown off but the bike continues travelling further down the road with the child still on it.

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By some miracle, the child survives unharmed after the bike falls over the side on the road divider.

The video was shared on Twitter by a Bengaluru police officer pointing out the number of traffic violations in the video. Watch (viewer discretion adviced):

Bengaluru City Police shared the video warning citizens not to test their luck.

If I believed in rebirth, I’d say the highly irresponsible parents must’ve done some major good deeds in their past life to get back their child safely in this debacle.

How many more lessons in road safety do we need before taking traffic rules seriously?