Bengaluru Cab Driver Cancels On Woman Because He Was Sleepy, Desis Call It ‘Work-Life Balance’

People who frequently travel via Ola and Uber must have experienced drivers cancelling on them for no good reason. There have been so many instances where I have booked a cab, watched it not move an inch on Google Maps for a good 10 minutes and later found that the ride has been cancelled.

Bengaluru auto and cab drivers are born with a different kind of swag. Taking to Twitter, a woman shared a screenshot of her brief conversation with her cab driver who asked her to cancel the ride because he was sleepy.

Well, at least he was honest!

People online thought that it was actually responsible of the driver to cancel the ride because sleepiness while driving can often lead to accidents. Some also called it peak work-life balance! Have a look:

India and its cab drivers, I tell you! 😛

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