Man Tries To Book Auto During Peak Hours In Bengaluru, Waiting Time Shows 71 Mins

Besides the weather, filter coffee, pink flowers and tech-savvy locals, Bengaluru is also famous for its traffic. A lot of people who are survivors of Mumbai traffic and later come to Bengaluru often say that the traffic in the latter city is much, much worse. Naturally, if you book a cab or an auto, it takes a significant amount of time for the vehicle to reach.

Here’s an example. A guy named Anushank Jain took to Twitter to share a screenshot showing the estimated time of arrival of his Uber auto and it was as much as 71 minutes!

Usually when we book a vehicle via Uber or Ola, the longest waiting time we are willing to endure is 10-15 minutes. Any more than that, we tend to cancel the ride. Sometimes, even the driver of the vehicle cancels the ride after seeing how far he has to travel to pick up the passenger.

In this case, even the driver didn’t want to spend 71 minutes to reach the passenger, so he cancelled the ride. I think if it were anybody else in his position, they would do the same.

As it turns out, this has been happening to many people in Bengaluru. Some even shared screenshots of such bizarre waiting times. Have a look:

It’s always better to cancel the ride and try again, or opt for public transport. At this age, no one would want to wait for such a long time!

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