Auto Driver Asking ‘Login Kabka Hai?’ To Man Getting Late For Work Is Peak Bengaluru Behaviour

You know you are in Bengaluru when Swiggy delivery guys Dunzo your parcel or when your office gives you ‘nap time’ to boost productivity. That’s because the city gives priority to time and knows how to make things work.

This time it’s this auto driver who will give you a glimpse of peak Bengaluru behavior.

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A person decided to take an auto ride to his workplace. But before he could board, the driver informed him that he will have to take a halt at the CNG station for a refill. Agreeing to this, the person started his auto journey. But Bengaluru hai toh traffic toh hoga he!

After being stuck in the traffic, the person requested the driver to skip his halt at the CNG pump as it was getting late.

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One would think the driver would try to persuade the customer and take him to the pump instead. But since we are talking about an auto guy in Bengaluru, his response took the person by surprise. He asked, “Login kabka hai?”

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“As soon as I board my morning auto to work, riding partner tells me we’ll have to stop for CNG on the way. I was fine with it, so we started the ride. After the mad traffic on the way, I asked him to drive straight to the drop location because I was late. He asks me, “Login kabka hai?”

See, I told you, every Bengalorian knows how things work in the city. On hearing about this incident, people took to the comments section and wrote:

Ye Bangalore hai, yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

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