How Bengaluru Airport Authorities & TCS Came Together To Return A Man’s Precious Lost Watch

When we mistakenly leave something behind in a public space like an airport or a mall, we think it is a given that it would be stolen or that we will never see that thing again. However, things turned out very differently for this man who left his beloved watch behind at Bengaluru airport by mistake.

A businessman who recently visited India named Anders Andersen revealed in a LinkedIn post that he had left his watch in one of the X-ray trays during the security check at Bengaluru airport. It was no ordinary watch. In fact, the watch belonged to his late grandfather. And he was flying a long way to Denmark.

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According to his LinkedIn bio, Anderson is the Director and Head of Business Technology Enterprise Solutions at Tryg, an insurance company, reported NDTV.

“When I went through security in Bengaluru Airport, I accidentally left my watch in one of the x-ray trays. It was not just any watch, it was the watch my late grandfather gave me as a birth present, and the watch has massive sentimental value for me,” he wrote.

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It was when he was on the plane travelling from Bangalore to Frankfurt that he realised his watch was missing. He immediately wrote an e-mail to Bengaluru Airport and the Airport Authority of India along with their local partner TCS. Surprisingly, all three organizations came together to return his lost watch to him.

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“But… then the power of India kicked in. Immediately (20 mins) after my mail was sent, the Bengaluru Airport Engagement Centre reached out, followed by a mail from Bengaluru Airport Terminal Lost & Found 14 mins later, and another one from our local partner TCS, all mobilizing to help. At that point, I did not dare to let my hopes build. But incredibly(!), Sunday morning 01:41 AM, I received a mail from Bengaluru Airport Terminal Lost & Found confirming that they had recovered my watch, and that it was ready for pick-up in the airport,” he wrote.

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He went on to add, “A representative from our local partner TCS then drove out to the airport and picked up the watch. And another representative due for returning to Denmark brought my watch back to my wrist, where it is again now.”

“This is so far above and beyond what anyone could expect, and I am so grateful for the help enabled by the collaboration and the shared desire to help, which I experienced from everybody involved. This is also such a great practical example of professionalism and process performance scaling with scope of operations,” he expressed.

You may read his full post here.

Kudos to all the officials who pulled their strings to return such a valuable item to this man!

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