This Powerful Ad About A Woman Who Painfully Insists On Getting Shorter Hair Will Choke You

This heartbreaking Bengali Ad uploaded by Jui Beautiful Hair is directed brilliantly and the message it gives across will resonate with all of us. Minimal but powerful dialogues are what makes this story impactful and it is going to make you think hard. The Ad begins with a woman who wants to have her hair cut short. She keeps on insisting on cutting it shorter and you will be hooked on till the end. The film is so heart-rending that it will overwhelm you.

It is the 21st century and women still have to fight for their rights! Are we really progressing? We have to ingrain equality in the next generation and make it a point to consciously follow it. Our life is too beautiful to be inhuman to someone! Don’t keep quiet. Empower yourselves.

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