Bengal Man Barks At Official After His Surname ‘Dutta’ Was Misspelled As ‘Kutta’ In Ration Card

There are different kinds of protests in the world – silent, loud, musical, fasting, etc. But did you ever come across a barking protest? I guess you haven’t. But after reading this story, you will have witnessed everything.

According to a report by NDTV, a man named Srikanti Kumar Dutta from West Bengal was tired after government authorities spelt ‘Dutta’ as ‘Kutta’ (dog) on his ration card. After his pleas were ignored multiple times, he came up with a novel way to protest – by barking at a government authority.

In a video that has now gone viral, Dutta can be seen barking at the windows of a car, papers in hand. The car belonged to a government authority and was marked ‘Executive Magistrate’. The incident happened in Bankura. His barking and howling continued till the official took note of the papers.

“I applied thrice already to rectify my name on the ration card. The first time, they mentioned my name as Srikanta Mondal. I am not Mondal. I went to Duarey Sarkar and applied for rectification. Then they made my name Srikanto Dutta instead of Srikanti Kumar Dutta. I applied to Duarey Sarkar camp again… On the 11th, I applied again and when I downloaded it, I noticed my name was changed to Srikanti Kumar Kutta. When I saw this, I felt mentally harassed. I went to the Duarey Sarkar camp again yesterday,” Dutta said.

At the camp, he met the official and chased his car down. He further added, “How many times will a common man like me go to the Duarey Sarkar camp? We have to stop work for a day to come here.”

Here’s a look at the video:

While this matter was embarrassing and serious for Mr Dutta, people online shared a huge laugh at the incident! Here’s what some of them said:

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After this, the official assured that Mr Dutta’s name would be rectified in two days. Honestly, what a protest!

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