While Most Of Us Dream Of Moving Abroad, Desi Redditors Share What Keeps Them In India

Moving out of the country for higher education or work is a huge deal in many Indian households. Even if they don’t have the funds to move out, some Indians might even drown themselves in debt because “life bann jaegi bahar jaa ke”. This is how much some of us are obsessed with leaving the country and becoming an NRI.

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Moreover, it also adds shiny stars to their societal status. But, while most of us do everything in our capacity to move out, there are still scores of people who prefer staying in India.

What keeps you in India, rather than moving abroad? from india

Taking to Reddit, desis discuss what are the things that keep them in India rather than moving abroad.

For the love of friends and family.

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Monetary issues.

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Scared of Visa policy.

Accessible healthcare.

Aging parents, lack of money, homesickness, and job insecurity were some of the major reasons why some don’t prefer moving abroad and those who went there are considering coming back. What do you have to say about this?

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