10 Awesome Benefits Of Being A Lazy Person

Laziness and procrastination have a lot of bad connotation attached to them.

Be lazy and you are termed as unproductive and inefficient and a bad person, basically.

But being lazy has its benefits. That is keeping in mind that the laziness comes in temporary spurts and is not the predominant way you spend your time.

Laziness can make you a better person, if you are smart in using it as a resource, rather than an impediment to productivity.

1. If you are lazy, you are probably very clever too

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Being lazy makes people label you as dull and stupid. But actually lazy people are clever and intelligent people. Laziness is just something you see, because even if the person in front of you looks like a slob, you have no idea what is going on in their head.

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2. Laziness can sometimes make you more productive

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Lazy people are too lazy to even do things that make you unproductive – like surf Facebook during work, play games and while away your time on your phone.

With these out of your way, being productive is the only choice you have got left. Because even chilling out requires effort and energy.


3. It also gives you single minded focus to do the tasks you left for the last minute

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Because of laziness, you must have left some jobs to be done for the last minute. And because you left the job for the last moment, when you sit down to do it, you do it with great intensity and concentration.

And you like the thrill that comes with it.


4. Laziness makes you much more efficient at your tasks

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Because you are lazy, getting a shortcut to doing a complex task is what you are best at. This is very useful in computer programming, where you are required to optimize code, and by extension, can be applied to any problem that needs to be done as easily as possible, with as less energy as it can take.


5. Being lazy for teens is actually good for their growth

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Stress and anxiety that comes with taking studies too seriously is actually very bad for a young teen’s growth.

Being chilled out and passing time watching TV may sound like a waste of time, but the teens are figuring out a way to know what they want to do later in life – by being happy with what they are doing.

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6. Being lazy actually makes you think about deeper issues of life

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And while people sit at a place and loiter, their minds are not being dulled. They are thinking deeply about life itself. Laziness is a good way to introspect about life in general.


7. You end up completing small jobs because you put off a big one by being lazy

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You put off a really big job because of being lazy? Have you noticed that in that time you end up doing many other small tasks?

That is because the lazy time is extremely good to get the small jobs done and then have time for the big task.


8. Sometimes, just waiting can make the problems solve itself too

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Many problems just take care of themselves even if you do not intervene. It could be delegation or just the natural way things work, but this is one of the best advantages of procrastination and laziness.

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9. Lazy people can avoid the anxiety related to a task

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Laziness is an excellent counter to anxiety. Anxiety towards any situation makes you unproductive. It is also detrimental for the efficiency at which you do your future jobs.

Being lazy takes anxiety associated with the job, and makes you more relaxed.

The tough part is snapping out of laziness at the right time.


10. You are probably going to be promoted to the highest offices because of being lazy

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If you are one of those people who thinks that he is clever but lazy too, there is a good chance that you might end up on the topmost jobs in your company.

The Von Manstein Matrix states that being industrious and hardworking doesn’t¬†matter. What matters is a combination of activeness and the rate of work you do.

By that logic, being stupid and hardworking is one of the most harmful combinations.

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The trick is to know when to stop being lazy and haul your ass into the zone of productivity.

As long as you know this, being lazy is just a perk.

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