“Time, Money, Social Freedom” Men List Down Various Benefits Of Being Single

Be it in a relationship or being single, both of them have their own perks and perils. However, people always think the grass is greener on the other side. While you’ll always have someone to lean on, those loud snores and continuous nagging can bring the worst out of you.

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Men online recently listed why they prefer staying single. The discussion was sparked on Reddit after a user enquired all the singles in the house about the benefits of being solo.

What are the benefits of being single? from AskMen

Everything’s in the same place, always!

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Being single ∝ money in the bank account

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The freedom to do WHATEVER!

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Bad relationship < single < good relationship

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No restaurant reservations or plans.

Having the entire pie to oneself.

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Watching TV shows completely.

Not attending social events.

Skip doing dishes for days and you’ll be fine.


Peeps in a relationship, do you miss doing these things? Let us know.

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