‘Settle Abroad, Stay With In-laws’ Desis List OTT Benchmarks Set By Relatives For Them

You have to be God’s favourite if you have a supporting, understanding, and encouraging set of relatives who celebrate your achievements and console you at your lowest points, not the other way around.

Our extended family can be pretty annoying even when they meet you after years on a random shaadi you were forced to attend. And instead of the couple, they’re more interested in your personal life. We call it the ‘pammi aunty syndrome’.

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Besides being nosy, they also weigh us down by forcing their expectations on us and coaxing us to live our lives in accordance with the benchmarks they have set for us. I mean, ye sunney me he weird lag raha hai! Anyhoo, these benchmarks are weirder than this.

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Resonating with this, a Twitter user named Anubha asked people online about these benchmarks that Indian relatives set for us.

I wasn’t surprised when people flooded her post with some really bizarre and OTT expectations. This is what women shared:

There was also a long list of expectations from the guys.

Do they even know about ‘boundaries’ or ‘mind your own business?’ Just wondering if we’re also this annoying relative to our relatives! 🤯

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