Indians Blindly Follow Doctor & Roll A Belan Over Their Tummy To Improve Their Health, Watch

There has been a sudden rise in the number of people who are inclined toward having a fit body, mind, and soul, and this is indeed a good thing. However, out of these scores of people, there are only a handful of them who resort to sustainable, healthy, logical, and well-researched ways to achieve their goals. Others just blindly follow practitioners who claim to help people achieve what they desire in less time.

Recently, a video of a group of people using a rolling-pin-like instrument to probably lose their belly fat has been doing rounds online.

Sharing the video, Twitter user Chirag Barjatya wrote:

“Main bol raha hu bohot scope hai iss desh mein.”

This video where people were seen grooving to a song while rolling the wooden belan-like acupressure tool on their bodies has got people talking. Some said it’s so easy to fool people in India.

The video is from a session conducted by ‘The Perfect Health’ that intends to help people lead a healthy, holistic, and medicine-free life through acupressure, diet therapy, and ancient healing remedies. It’s followed by 176K people on Instagram where Dr. Manishaa posts similar such videos of her sessions.

What do you have to say about such practices to cure people of their illnesses?

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