Amateur Photographer Shows How His Vision Dramatically Changed After He Turned Professional

A photographer’s eye.

Why is it called an ‘eye’? Why not lens, or any other thing? Because it all depends on how we look at the things, and then choose to capture it using the lens.

Phillip Haumesser, like all of us, used to go about his usual life, noticing the beauty around him. But, he eventually realised how looking at things differently, looking at the light differently, can change so many things around you.

After he became a photographer, he was able to capture his dramatic change in vision on the film and we can’t help but see his passion flowing out of every frame. Let’s have a look at some of his ‘before-after’ transformations. You can also follow his work on his website.

1. Even hens look happier


2. Remarkable difference


3. So much more soul in the picture


4. It’s playtime with the bunny!


5. Look how beautiful the natural light looks


6. Difference in framing can do wonders


7. And not to forget, the depth of field


8. Look how more defined the greens are


9. Looks like a still from the movie


10. Perfect candid


11. I’m very, very impressed!

So clearly, a photographer’s eye can make a remarkable difference. We hope Phillip continues clicking amazing pictures and keeps growing in his field of interest. 😀

h/t: Boredpanda

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