12 Unbelievably Cute “She Sheds” That Are Women’s Answer To Man Caves

Would not painting toe nails be all the more fun and soul-soothing when done sitting on the foot steps of a “she shed”, with Blake Shelton’s “Who are you when I am not looking” playing in the background? Oh okay, I just wanted to say that “She-Sheds” do exist!

As the name goes, these sheds are exclusively for women, where they can kick up their heels, lay back and simply enjoy the wilderness around. Or perhaps, sing their heart out with only birds to hear (and appreciate, because they can’t judge you ;)). And did I mention, these sheds are drop-dead-stunningly-beautiful!

So here goes,

1. For starters, check this love out

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The green around this beauty gave my depression a breeze of relief!


2. Yes I am that lady who wants to grow old single and live with a cat-family all my life

Image source

And I am sorted! Not sad-single. Sorted. Complete. And happy!


3. Whoever said you need to have a romantic interest to enjoy the butterflies-in-stomach feel…

Image source

…did not own this she shed!


4. Because I like to do some Michael Moscovitz gossip with girls from my tribe, in here

Image source

Yes guys, you too be happy. Buy a beer crate and watch Transformers all night long, in your regular-guy-apartment.


5. Because home is where heart is, and this she shed has taken mine

Image source

Oh you love of my life. I can just live in you and never leave!


6. You the monotonous and sticky cobweb of life! Release please! My shed is waiting for me

Image source

I am going (to never return). Word.


7. Did you say that  I need to be in office by 8?

Image source

Sorry, I did not hear that. The roaring sea waves on the side had something important to say. So later then (or not). *phone thrown in the sea*


8. Because I know how to live-life-princess-like in my shed

Image source

I am a happy and fortunate Cindrella who loves to read in here with some tweety birdies for company!


9. Moonlight streaking in through the glass ceiling, creepers working their way to every where..

Image source

With this she shed to live in, I finally understand what it feels like to be in solitude!


 10. Reminds me of Monica’s diner in some way

Image source

Girls want to go crazy and do some Y-M-C-A?


11. And for those who said the house of dreams has to be a palace of glass,

Image source


She shed is where you can unwind. It is where you can dance like a doll-out-of-order, till the time undefined.

The only glitch, I’m not too sure if they are in India. In case they are not, why bother? Make them (or get them made) like a true lady. Or you know, simply transform your outhouse into an abode of everything that is fine and pure and positive.

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