Here Are 11 Living Things Bear Grylls Has Eaten. If He Is In Town, Hide Your Pets!

Bear Grylls is an impressive individual. He is a former British Special Forces Commando. He almost shattered his spine in a parachuting accident and 18 months later he went on to climb Mount Everest – when he was just 23.

He is the scout master for the Scouts in the whole world.

But he is more popularly known for the supposed lack of any reservation in eating anything that walks under the sun.

People eat Whey protein as their nutritional supplement, Bear Grylls eats cockroaches and larvae. And if you have seen Man vs Wild, you must have seen that surviving harsh climates and a dangerous terrain are the least of his courageous acts.

He showed exceptional courage when he ate things that even hardcore non-vegetarians found impressive.

1. The time when he bit off the head of a snake and ate it raw

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Snakes terrify almost 90% of the population. The other 9.999% stays away from them. 0.0001 eats them after cooking. Bear Grylls snatches the slithery creatures off the ground and eats them – cooking be damned.


2. The time when he killed an alligator and ate it raw, again

Image source

Move over Steve Irwin, who used to just wrestle alligators and crocodiles. Bear Grylls just killed the alligator and ate it. Yum.


3. He also ate a moose heart in the cold

Image source

Ripped the heart out and ate it, because eating normal cuts of meat is too mainstream now.


4. He ate a camel and then slept inside its carcass – long before Leonardo Dicaprio made it cool

Image source

FYI the camel was rancid and had been dead for some days.


5. He even ate a scorpion live, its venomous sting be damned

Image source

Swallowed it whole.


6. He tried the regional delicacy of goat testicles too

Image source

he says it is the worst thing he has ever tasted and almost vomited, but then swallowed the vomit with the testicles as well.

Very brave.


7. And while we are on the topic of not eating mainstream meat, he ate a yak’s eyeballs too

Image source



8. Then there was a time he ate a tick too. He says they provide good nutrition

Image source

He woke up in the morning to find the tick sucking on his blood.

You do not suck Bear Grylls’ blood and get away with it.


9. A giant larva is also on the menu

Image source

Imagine small maggots, but the size of your hand. And yes, they were alive.


10. Raw zebra carcass, because why not?

Image source

When you do not have time to cook zebra meat.


11. Sushi, what is that? Raw fish from the pond is the way to go.

Image source

Forget about fish filets and caviar delicacies. Think raw fish freshly caught and biting into the live flesh as it writhes in your hand.

We can just imagine him singing this with Carly Rae Jepson –

Hey I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but I am hungry,
so I will eat you maybe.

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