₹7 Crore For Male Cricketer, ₹50 Lakhs For Female: Twitter Slams BCCI’s Pay Disparity

There is a massive gap between the salaries of male and female cricketers in India. Recently, the BCCI announced the annual contracts for cricketers from both genders and there could be seen a significant pay disparity.

According to NDTV, both categories – male and female – were divided into 3-4 groups. A+, A, B, C for male cricketers and A, B, C for female cricketers. The highest salary for male cricketers in the A+ category is listed as Rs 7 crore and the highest salary for female cricketers in the A category (there is no A+ category for females) is 50 lakhs.

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The lowest salary for male cricketers in the C category is Rs 1 crore – 50% higher than the highest salary for female cricketers.


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This news didn’t go down well with several people online. Many slammed BCCI for the glaring pay disparity and highlighted that women cricketers deserve better.

There were some who tried to justify the pay gap by highlighting that men’s cricket generates more revenue, have more viewers, and have more matches than women’s cricket.

However, this argument was countered by cricket fans who claimed that the excuse was an age-old justification for the under-representation and underfunding of women’s cricket. They added that it is the BCCI’s responsibility to organize more matches for women’s cricket and increase their commercial value.

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