BBC Journo Gives His Shoes To Migrant Worker Walking Barefoot With His Kid In Hand

The migrant workers have been suffering the most due to the nationwide lockdown. Not only have they become unemployed but are also unable to go back home due to the lack of public transport. Heartbreaking visuals have captured them walking for days without food in order to go back to their hometowns, with many dying in the process.

BBC journalist Salman Ravi recently spoke to a group of migrant workers who were on their way to Chhatarpur on foot. They had been walking from Ambala, Haryana, for 6 days straight. They claimed that some of them were beaten with sticks by the police and they couldn’t cross the borders as well.

The journalist noticed how one of the labourers was barefoot. He asked him where his slippers were. The labourer said that his slippers had torn and that he had been walking barefoot under the scorching heat.

Moved by what he said, Salman Ravi went on to open his shoes and offer them to the barefoot labourer.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Later, with the help of Faridabad police, Salman Ravi managed to find a shelter for the migrant family. He even tweeted about it:

People on the internet are lauding the journalist for his kind gesture of giving his shoes to the migrant worker. Have a look!

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At a time when a large group of people are going through tremendous hardship, we hope Salman Ravi’s act of kindness will inspire others to help those in need.

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