The New Batman Vs Superman Trailer IS OUT And It Reveals The Villain And Wonder Woman!

If the first trailer featuring both Superman and Batman was not enough, the new one will give you the adrenaline rush better than the first.

They finally show Clark Kent meeting Bruce Wayne meeting Lex Luthor at a fancy social do –


And there are a lot of social niceties that mask the anger and animosity between the characters. A lot of subtle innuendos thrown around.

While all the fans were satisfied that both Batman and Superman somehow made it into a single frame in the last trailer, there was a lot of buzz as to who the real villain would be? Who would the Bat and Supes fight?

And here is the answer –



And yes, he can shoot lasers through his eyes too, just like Superman.


Thanks to the genetic tinkering of Lex Luthor.

Take a bow, Lex!


And we also see a woman save two very masculine asses!

Yes, that happened too.

Superman and Batman needed a woman to save them.

Who might this woman be? Hmmmmmm…..


Wonder Woman! OMG OMG OMG! Everybody in one frame? Say Doomsday!

Enough chitchat! Watch it for the superhero feels!

*Watches the trailer for the 100th time*