10 Reasons Why Batman Always Wins At Everything He Does


No, it is not just because he is Batman.

Because of the enigma and the halo around him, people tend to overlook the fact that Batman goes
through the same difficulties any hardworking human goes through while wanting to achieve something difficult.

Batman is so impressive because of the hard work he has put in, and a mind that is trained to achieve the unachievable. He always comes out winning, despite being a hero with no superpowers.


1. He prepares for every scenario there possibly exists

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Preparation is key to his success. He knows the weaknesses of every hero and villain there are, and prepares intensely keeping in mind the future.

Almost everyone can defeat Batman. But NO ONE can defeat an unprepared Batman.



2. He is not intimidated by anyone or any situation

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He has conditioned his mind so that he doesn’t let fear conquer him. He has always faced adversaries that were always stronger and smarter than he was, but he never ever let that intimidate him.

He never gave up before the fight.


3. He is not afraid to go all out to get what he wants

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Batman is notorious for being very committed to his cause, to the point where he beats them up brutally.

He is very intense and very single-minded because of this.


4. Because he doesn’t let a mindfucker like Joker get to him

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Assholes and people who like to manipulate and make lives hell for the decent people are everywhere. And their god – The Joker was Batman’s nemesis. In spite of the horrible things Joker did to Batman, he never really let him take control of how he acted.

The Joker never had any power over the Batman.



5. Because he has nothing to lose, and gives material possessions the least importance

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What do you take away from a person who has lost everything and the closest person to him is his butler. You cannot hold such a man on a gunpoint.

Add to this the fact that he doesn’t really care about material possessions.

You get a man who is detached from the world. Who really has no soft corner in his heart.


6. Because he has a very strong set of morals and principles he abides by – to death

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And that is the reason he gets the results. That is the reason he does good.

And that is the reason his enemies take advantage of him.


7. Because he has trained his mind to the point that his will is iron

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Failures make us stumble and fall. And because of his line of work, Batman has had more than his share of them. Also, a failure for Batman means that innocent people get harmed.

He still gets up the next night and goes to work.

You need an iron will that doesn’t bend because of failure and pain.


8. Because he is extremely adaptive and evolves with the situations and villains at hand

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Villains and difficult situations come in all sizes and shapes. To overcome them, you need to be extremely willing to adapt and change as the situation demands.

People who stay at one place without changing cannot progress as well as people who are adaptive.

Batman adapts so dynamically, that there is hardly a situation that can get an upper hand on him.


9. Because in the end he relies on his brain rather than his brawn to get an upper hand

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Batman’s physical presence is awesome.

But it is his mental presence that gives him an edge every time. He has battled even alien masterminds and brainiacs and he has always come out on top.

In the end, only your intelligence saves the day.


10. Because he makes the choices no one else had the courage to make

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He chose to take the fall, even though he could have become a legendary hero. He sacrificed his life, and lives of his sidekicks too – just to fight for what he believed.

He had the strength to do what was necessary, even when it meant that he will be called a bad guy.

And he was still called an anti-hero – just because he did what seemed unsavory to a few people.

Reading about gruesome crime in the newspapers and watching the news about it doesn’t outrage people. But a man rises up to fight it in a way that is tough and unrelenting – people are quick to judge.

And that is why Batman is great. And that is why he overcomes whatever comes at him.

He keeps doing good for the people who do not find him a White Knight, and still sleep peacefully at night under the security he provides.

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