People Are Praising This Bathinda Traffic Cop For Fixing Potholes & Averting Road Accidents

The monsoon season brings with it a much-needed respite from the summer. But when it leaves, the roads are filled with potholes. And when the authorities do not do enough to repair the roads, citizens have no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

A 3D artist in Bengaluru recently dressed up as an astronaut and ‘moonwalked’ on the road to draw attention to the sorry state of affairs. A Bengaluru policeman covered up an open manhole all by himself to ensure the safety of children.

Gurbaksh Singh, a traffic cop deployed at Liberty Chowk, Bathinda, carries bricks, interlinking tiles and soil in his car trunk. The reason? He and his colleague Mohammad Singh fill up potholes throughout the city to prevent road accidents.

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According to Navbharat Times, Gurbaksh Singh saw many two-wheelers finding it difficult to navigate the bad roads so he decided to remedy the situation. So far, the team of two has filled up potholes on Bhagu Road, Liberty Chowk, Dana Mandi and the highway towards Buladhewala.

The Tribune quoted him saying, “It will be so unfortunate if somebody dies due to a pothole. If the authorities concerned have not been doing enough, as a responsible citizen, we have to shoulder the responsibility and start the repair of these potholes. I am not sure whether it is a small or big contribution. All I want is to serve society by just doing my bit.”

Setting an example of nobility and going beyond call of duty, Gurbaksh Singh a traffic police cop from Bathinda has been…

Posted by Punjab Police India on Monday, September 16, 2019

Netizens are all praise for this kind-hearted and dedicated traffic official and want the municipal authorities to take a lesson or two from him.

Apart from repair work, the good samaritan also picks up glass shards lying on the road that might cause harm. He has identified Amrik Singh Road and the stretch near Ghoda Chowk as his next destination to fix. More power to you, sir!

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