While Girls Were Murdered In Dumka, Its MLA Basant Soren Was Buying ‘Chaddi’ In Delhi

The cold, heartless murder of a minor girl in Jharkhand’s Dumka had sent shockwaves to the entire country.

According to a report by India Today, a 14-year-old tribal girl who lived with her aunt in Dumka got in a relationship with a person named Arman Ansari.

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When she got pregnant, she informed Ansari and asked him to marry her. But instead of standing by her, Ansari allegedly killed her. On September 2, the locals found the girl hanging from a tree in Jharkhand’s Dumka. It is alleged that she was raped and murdered by Ansari who was later arrested.

It’s not just this case. Days ahead of this accident, a class 12 student (17) was set on fire by her alleged stalker in Dumka. The stalker identified as Shahrukh from Dumka town poured petrol on the girl from outside the window of her room and set her on fire while she was asleep. The girl succumbed to her burn injuries, said a report by India Today.

Following the two murders, a certain community called for a shutdown in Dumka to protest against the minor’s killing.

At such a crucial time, one would think that the heads of the state would be keeping an eye on what’s happening in the town where the incidents happened. But seems like they had other things to do like flying to another city to buy their ‘chaddis’.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s brother and Dumka MLA Basant Soren was nowhere to be found when the serious crimes happened within a fortnight in his constituency. Recently when the media asked him the reason for his absence, he smiled and said:

“I had run out of undergarments, so I went to Delhi to purchase them. I get them from there.”

Watch him say that:

His insensitive remark got the worst of people online who slammed him left, right, and center.

It’s not just him who is taking the matter so casually. Earlier, responding to the murders, Chief Minister Hemant Soren had reportedly said, “Accidents happen. Where do they not occur?”

Just remember him the next time you vote for your representative.

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