A Foreign Reporter Said “India Is So Unsafe For Women”. Barkha Dutt Responded Back In Style.

In the March of 2015, a British documentary – “India’s Daughter” – on the Nirbhaya rape case was banned from being broadcast in India. Last week, Barkha Dutt – known for her career as a journalist with NDTV, “India’s Daughter” filmmaker Leslee Udwin, and Norah O’Donnell of CBS This Morning, sat down to discuss rape culture during a panel at the Women in the World summit in New York City.

When Norah O’Donnell mentioned that India is unsafe for women, Barkha rose to India’s defense saying that according to statistics, the US and UK have more instances of gender violence than India does. She also pointed out India had a woman Prime Minister four decades ago, which sharply contrasted with the fact that the United States has started electing women only recently.

This video of Barkha Dutt’s conversation with these women does have it’s moments of raising a lot of questions as to how India is perceived as a country of rapists by non-Indians.

She finished her impassioned speech to tremendous applause by saying “Gender is more complex than we think.”

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