Twitter Thread Lists The ‘Bare Minimum’ Men Can Do That’s Free To Make Women Happy

Romantic novels and films would have you believe that men need to bring chaand and taare to make women happy. But to show that you love a woman, you don’t need grand gestures. And if you do need them, then it’s not love. There, I said it.

Love is supposed to be simple, as simple as a hug or sharing a laugh together. It’s about standing up for your special person when you see them being wronged or watching her favourite movie because it means so much to her. But many men tend to complain about how women have “high standards” and dating them or being married to them is a task. A task that is filled with taking her out on expensive dates or to the mall for her to shop – such is the mentality.

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However, one Twitter user posted a long list of the “bare minimum” and free things that a man can do to make a woman happy and feel loved.

The list includes simple things like cooking her a meal, complimenting her, hugging her, helping out with household chores, etc. Have a look:

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Love is not rocket science. Let’s learn how to keep things simple! 🙂

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