Apparently, Barbie Has A Last Name & Not Many Know About It. Do You?

When you grow up, it is when you realise that childhood was undeniably the best time of your life. And there is absolutely nothing that you will change about it. From the piggyback rides on an elder’s shoulder to the different type of toys we played with. Talking about toys, everyone’s favourite was the Barbie doll!

At least every girl in a way grows up with a Barbie doll. From the baby version to the bride version, we own it all. Irrespective of the game we played, Barbie doll was always there. Always! And we knew all about Barbie, all courtesy of the song ‘I am a Barbie girl’. But recently we have come across certain history, and we cannot keep calm.

Apparently, the official Twitter account of Barbie posted a Siblings Day message. And the message was by ‘Roberts’ sisters. As it turns out, Barbie’s last name is Roberts!

Well, we have seen Barbie in every avatar. All that we may have imagined becoming in childhood, Barbie did it all. Apart from different dresses and skin colours, Barbie also came out as an astronaut, an army officer, a scuba diver, a baseball player, a fire-fighter, Miss America winner and even a rapper.

But regardless, Twitter was baffled with the discovery of Barbie’s last name. Who wouldn’t?

1. Exactly what we felt!

2. Now we are wondering about her whole legacy.

3. Feel ya, bruh!

4. Neither did we.

5. The internet is a bad place indeed.

6. This man got a valid point though.

7. Well, she was way ahead of her time.

8. It just doesn’t sound right, right?

9. We wonder the same mate.

10. We thought the same girl.

And suddenly it seems like whole childhood was a lie!

I mean we coped up with the fact that Tom and Jerry suicides in the end. We also let it go when we came to know that Gangadhar is Shaktiman (Psst, we actually always knew that!). And now it looks like we have to come to terms with Barbara Roberts as well!  Nevermind, it belongs to our childhood and it will be always special. Barbie or Barbara Roberts, who cares? We love them both equally. Right girls?

* goes back to singing am a barbie girl, in the Barbie world *