School Kids Got Barack Obama As Their Substitute Teacher And The Excitement Was Unmatched!

Barack Obama needs no introduction. From being a former Prez to America’s (and the entire world’s) favourite Prez ever, Barack Obama garners applause whenever he steps out. Remember the last time when he carried out his duties as an Instagram husband, clicking beautiful pictures of the former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama?

If you trace back, in his 8-year long presidency, Barack has achieved several milestones and made friends across borders, but the man of the hour has always emphasised on young leadership and the future it holds. 

Fall is in the air. 🍂

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If you think I’m exaggerating, wait till you see what you see.


Barack Obama recently paid a surprise visit to students of a Washington DC school, as a part of ‘supporting the next generation of leaders’ and gave them the shock of their lives. In fact, he even posted the interaction with the kids online. 

“One of the things I did throughout my presidency was I’d meet with groups of young people everywhere I went, whether it was here in the United States or when I was travelling overseas. Just to kind of hear from them, find out what they’re interested in, because

I do believe that most of the problems we have are going to be solved by you.”

Needless to say, the kids were thrilled to see Barack Obama and honestly, I can totally understand why.

Imagine coming back to school after the break to hear Barack Obama saying, “Hey, everybody. You don’t mind me crashing, right?” IKR.