Banksy Art Worth ₹8.2 Crore Self-Destructed After It Was Sold, Netizens Think It’s Genius

It’s common knowledge that people pay millions and billions of money to buy art. The paintings can range from a beautiful landscape to just a thick red line going through a white canvas, but you can be sure there will be someone to buy it. And for reasons unknown, one artist decided to play a prank on them.

Recently, Banksy, an anonymous England-based street artist, put up one of his arts for sale, titled ‘Girl with Red Balloon’. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s Auction House for ₹8.2 Crore. But then, something strange happened.

According to witnesses, the canvas started to drop down and shred itself through a shredder concealed in the frame. And going by the reactions you can see there, everyone was startled because they were seeing a million-dollar artwork get destroyed.

In case you aren’t satisfied by the frame-by-frame depiction of the Banksy painting’s destruction, here’s a video of the moment.

While the natural reaction would be anger, netizens were delighted and some even had a great explanation as to the meaning of this action by Banksy.

1. It must’ve been shocking.

2. It does fit the definition of ‘epic’.

3. Oxford dictionary can make this term official now.

4. That’s a great point.

5. Is that what caught your eye? There’s a painting being shredded!

6. Actually, the Joker would definitely do something like this.

7. If that was the idea, then Banksy deserves a round of applause.

8.  Womp womp womp!

9. That’s some message to send through art.

10. It’s a learning lesson.

Technically, as Banksy has made the art, it belongs to him. That said, do you think it was wrong for him to shred it up after it was bought or do you think it’s all fair?