Man With Face Mask, Sunglasses & Gloves Stood In Queue For 15 Minutes To Rob A Bank

Simon Jones, donning blue gloves, a hoodie, a face mask and dark glasses stood quietly in a queue in a Country Durham Natwest branch, waiting for his turn to withdraw the money. Just like the other customers in the bank! But, apart from his apparel, there was only one difference between him and the other customers. Guess what?

While others were there to withdraw their own money, Jones had an eye on the entire cash in the bank, no matter, who-so-ever it belonged to. The most disciplined burglar waited in the queue for 15 minutes before he threatened the cashier of carrying acid and a bomb and flew away with 370 euros.

People in the bank have also clicked pictures of the strangely dressed man in the bank.

A man has been charged following a robbery in Bishop Auckland yesterday.During the incident, a man entered the Natwest…

Posted by Durham Constabulary on Friday, May 18, 2018

Despite his suspicious attire, he wasn’t queried by the bank authorities. The bank manager, Gemma Hughes told the Telegraph that the staff did not question the bizarrely dressed man as they thought he was suffering from some skin disorder and it would be indecent to question him about the same. She also said that she had even tried to hand him over a decoy £1,000 bundle containing a tracking device, but all in vain.

However, Durham police have managed to track down the man and he has been jailed for 40 months.

Now, isn’t he the most disciplined burglar ever seen?

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