Someone Scribbled ‘Sorry’ On Bengaluru School Walls & Nearby Streets, People Try To Decode Why

Most of us, at some point, have made fools of ourselves to impress and grab the attention of our crush who doesn’t even know we exist. But have you gone OTT to apologize to someone who is mad at you?

While you recall all your past mistakes, here’s someone who went to the next level with their apology and scribbled ‘sorry’ outside school premises in Bengaluru.

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According to India TV, the premises and the street surrounding Shanthidhama School were painted red by two bike-borne persons disguised as delivery guys.

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“Two bike-borne persons were seen in the CCTV footage. Efforts on to identify and trace them,” said Dr. Sanjeev Patil, DCP West Bengaluru.

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This bizarre incident took everyone by surprise. And now, people online turned investigators and are coming up with various explanations for this act.

Earlier, Bangalore schoolgirls engaged in a massive street fight allegedly over a boy. B’lore kids are on a roll. Definitely ashiqui ka mahool hai!

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