Bengaluru To Turn Old Buses Into Creches With Toys & Books For Construction Workers’ Kids

Many people from lower-income groups come to Bangalore in search of work and often take up construction work to earn wages daily. Since the city is fast-growing, labourers are required for the construction of numerous apartments and complexes. Those who are parents usually bring their kids along with them and let them play near the site while they work. However, the atmosphere is neither safe nor hygienic for these kids.

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To help create a more safe and healthy environment for these kids, the Karnataka government is planning to turn old buses into creches for the children to play and spend their time in while the parents work in Bengaluru.

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According to a report by The New Indian Express, old discarded BMTC and KSRTC buses will be taken and given an entirely new look by artists. It will be made colourful so that kids get attracted to it. Toys and books will also be stored inside the bus for the children to play with.

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The responsibility of making the creches has been taken by the Labour Department. Once the buses are decorated, they will be handed to NGOs who will then run the creches. The department is also planning to provide healthy snacks to the kids in the morning.

The creches will be placed near the construction site so that parents can come and watch their children any time they like.

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Rajya Sabha member G Chandrashekar has donated Rs 25 lakh from his MP fund to this initiative. The amount will be used to procure buses, renovate them, and later hand them over to the NGOs. The procurement of 100 such buses has already been given permission.

We hope this plan gets put into action. Not only will the kids be safe, but they will also get to spend much of their time reading books!

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